Unique Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

You’ve been to a lot of wedding receptions, and each has the same classic, yet quite boring in your taste, theme. You and your spouse soon-to-be wanted something different, something memorable, and something that introduces your personal style as a couple. So, you have decided on an outdoor wedding reception.

You know you want the reception in your backyard, you want your guests to be able to enjoy a gourmet meal, a lot of outdoor furniture for your guests to sit in, and a unique theme that is like no other you’ve found. But where do you start? Luckily for you, we have some great ideas that will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

Here are some ideas to help you create a memorable event.

Choose themefirst step should choose your theme for the reception. Feel free to make it fun and interesting. Even if you have a traditional wedding, there are no rules stating your acceptance should only conventionally. If both of you love to dance, perhaps your party theme can be a ball in disguise. You can ask guests to dress up with costumes and provide them with hand-made masks when they arrive. If you like hunting, ask all your guests to dress in camouflage and present them with deer calls for favors.

Guestbook everyone who’s ever been to a wedding reception know they will need to sign the guest book when they arrive. Why not make this simple act a little more fun? Set up in your backyard with a few, such as rattan furniture loveseat or sofa. As guests arrive, have them sit on furniture and pose for pictures. After that, have each guest sign a guest book, but leave plenty of room for their photo put on top of their signature. Guestbook visual this forever will help you and your partner remember this beautiful day.

Decordecorations for wedding receptions are important. Small and intricate details can make or break the look of an outdoor setting, so pay attention to them. Create centrepieces for Your outdoor dining table that reflects the theme of your party. If you can’t decide on what you like, go for a casual elegance with a Rose Bowl float clear water or lighted candles beautifully surrounded by the same flowers you have at your wedding. To add elegance and to set the mood, hire a band or String Quartet to play during the reception. If you have a pool or pond in your backyard, set some candles float in the pool. This will not only add to Your outdoor lighting, but will set a romantic mood.


White Classic choices often for marriage, but at the reception, do not be afraid to embrace color. Does the Bride choose a color specific to the marriage? Does your theme dictates a certain color? Furniture covers on furniture rattan outdoor you create visually stunning scenes, and Miss China white for Your outdoor dining table. Instead, choose the colored glass plates and will add distinct personality of your decor.

Creating intimacyno matter what the size of your backyard is, make sure there is a lot of wicker furniture available for your guests to sit on. This will not only make them more comfortable so that they feel as though they are welcome in your home, but will also allow them to have the opportunity to talk and get to know each other.

Send Offwhen you’re ready for the night, just don’t rush your guests out the door. Send them away with a lasting impression. Have a display fireworks, select songs end to all guests for dancing, and thank everyone with support when they leave.

If you want a unique outdoor wedding reception, make sure you consider these great ideas. If your guest has their photo taken on a wicker loveseat, dining and conversing at the dinner table outdoor Wicker, or dancing the night away for a string quartet, they will have a beautiful memory and hold your big day.